martes, 17 de junio de 2008

Tobarra (Albacete) - Spain

Wikipedia doesn't go very far about my village, so I'll explain all about it:

Tobarra, it'll be a satrange name for many people, and in Spain too... but, well, it (Tobarra) doesn't have very big cathedrals or important statues, like Liberty Statue, in United States, but it has some little details we must know.

Where's it? It's on Spain, in Castilla-La Mancha, arround Albacete and closed to Hellin. Is in that red dot on the map... yes, Tobarra appears on the map!

The great spanish roads conect it with the most important cities and towns. It's 50 km far from Albacete, 301 from Madrid and 593 from Barcelona. It has extreme temperatures, rounding about 5ºC in winter and 25ºC in summer. It doesn't rain... frequently. It only rains on spring and autumn, so it's dry...
There're some almonds, olives... there're many vegetables, the most famous vegetable is the bean, called 'las habas de Tobarra', the beans from Tobarra.
We've got many apricot trees, and our international variety is the 'Moniqui'. You won't find something like this!


Our history begins many centurys ago, on the 1st Bronze Age, but there're some things from past. Our origin is iberic, but a romanic army have conquisted our village. There're many iberic treasurys, in Alboraj, Hoya de Snta Ana, and so on...


The drum was born here! It's delared national and regional turistic interest. You don't believe it? We've got the first drum museum in Spain, called' museo del tambor'.

It's important to know our beautiful drums. We make drums every year... how much are they? $20000, 18000€... don't be afraid, golden drums only cost this.

My village plays the drum for a long time in Holly Week... we play it 104 hours! From Wednesday to Sunday. Our important acts are 'La Tamborada Escolar' and 'La despedida del Tambor', when people meets arround the Drum Monument (see photo) and says good-bye to the Holy Week...and the drum!

Our most important act is on Friday. It's called 'La bendición de Viernes Santo', given by our 'Nuesto Padre Jesús' and seen by 30000 people (in Tobarra we're only 9000) from all places of Spain and Europe.

In this act, our saint moves its arm and gives the bendition, after the trumpet advice, making drums stop playing, and during the Mektup, our famous song, played by our band 'Unión Musical Santa Cecilia'. When it finishes, trumpet plays again to broke silence.


General area

Hermita De La Encarnación

The Devil's Eyes ('Los Ojos del Diablo')

The Bull Place 'Plaza de Toros cubierta de Tobarra'

Village's clock

Inside the Drum Museum

'El Monumento al Tambor': La Evolución.

Ok, I didn't say everithing... no problem. Visit and tell me more...