lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009


Os voy a poner un vídeo. El que entienda todo lo que dicen, que me ponga un comentario y le mando un pin del Fary. Aquí está:

Lo único que he entendido fué:

-Who did it?
-Who did what, pap?
-Yes Peter, what has you up set?
-Surfing Bird is gone! I took it to bed and had sex with it feel asleep in my arm and this morning is gone!!!
-Oh Peter, nobody here will steal from you.
[lo siguiente no lo he entendido, hasta...]
-So you got all figured it out do ya? You couldn't leave well enough alone...
-You won't fire at me Chris, you don't have the stomach for it!
-Sorry dad, I have no idea what you're talking aboout...
[lo siguiente no, hasta...]
-Oh, It's so heat this morning, I don't need this jacket!
-Well, I have no idea! I'm going down town and buy another copy of Surfing Bird!
-Peter, that's not necessary, I'm sure you'll obtain in somewhere!

¿Alguien puede decirme el resto... Sario? ¿A que ahora no? (No te lo tomes a mal)

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